Wordpress Websites and Blogs

Wordpress is a popular blogging system that has been used as a complete content management system.

As a blogging system, Wordpress can comprise a section of your website in which you can post articles and news, and even encourage visitor (or customer) interaction. A WordPress blog can also be embedded within pages of your website for greater integration.

Some of our clients prefer to use WordPress as a complete content management system for their website. That is a good approach when the client is already familiar with using WordPress. Although its content tools can be challenging to master, for those familiar with the Wordpress system, it might seem easier to use WordPress tools than to learn a new Content Management System (CMS).

The M.R. Website Development team has created many websites based on WordPress for such clients. However – unless the website is a simple blog--most clients prefer to use the M.R. WebSuite Content Management system, which provides very simple to use tools that are easily learned.

Despite that consideration, if you are looking for WordPress site design, M.R. Websites will help!


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