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Website Design Solutions Professional Website Design

Why Choose M.R. Website Development Studio for your website developer?
Designing superior websites is less than a science, yet more than an art. Creating a website requires portions of science, art, computer programming, organization, artistic design and logic. You will have the benefit of all these ingredients when your website is designed by M.R. Website Development Studio. We can work from any stage of ... read more about professional website development

Mobile Website, and Application Solutions Mobile Website and App Development

Do you want a mobile website? Maybe not.
To be blunt, most mobile websites are anachronistic. Responsive Web Design has replaced most needs for mobile websites and at lower cost. Alternatively, you might be looking for a web app. If so, read on ...

Responsive Website Solutions Responsive Web Design

M.R. Website Development studio are experts in responsive web design.
You might well ask, “What is Responsive Web Design and why do I need it?” It is increasingly common for websites to be viewed on cell phones and tablets (35 to 40% of site visitors!). As you know, many websites are difficult to use on anything but computer screens. However, mobile websites are expensive to maintain, and are not adaptable to many new devices. The solution? Make the same website work for computers, cell phones and more! Read more about Responsive Web Design

Web based software development Web-based Software Development

What is a web app? What is cloud-based software? What are the benefits?
A web app is an cloud-based computer application that can be used from a variety of devices – practically any device: phone, tablet or computer—that has an Internet connection. The greatest benefit of using a web app is that it can be used from almost anywhere, on almost any type of device. For more information, read on about web-based software and web apps.

Web databases Web Databases (cloud database development)

What is a web database?
A web database is a system for storing and displaying information that is accessible from the Internet. A web database might fulfill a wide range of functions, such as a membership database, client list, or inventory database.  A web database is ideal when information must be shared or updated  by a team – and/or when it is to be shared between locations or on different devices (like tablets, computers and cell phones). Read more about web database development.

Website Management and Maintenance Solutions Website Management & Maintenance 

Many successful websites are continual works-in-progress: evolving and adapting over time. One of the unique features of websites is that they can be easily changed and improved. We can update outdated content on your site, add new features, or help you brainstorm for new ideas to improve your website. We can also provide a unique feature that can allow you to make your own updates to your site, with minimal computer skills: no need for experience with website design. Ask us about this unique and exciting feature!

Website Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization 

Web searches are a main source of visitors for most websites. In order to effectively bring visitors to your site as a result of searches, your site needs to be listed prominently, and easily found in search engines. That doesn't happen by accident. Achieving good listings requires careful planning and skilled execution. We can help! We can optimize your site structure, research keywords effectiveness and competition, and submit your site to top search engines. Although there is no magic involved in this process, it does require skill and experience. We provide both. Read about our search engine optimization process.

Website E-Commerce Solutions E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce now comprises a substantial portion of the global (and local) economy. Don’t be left behind! M.R. Websites has created many successful e-commerce websites: both large and modest. Some of the larger e-commerce websites developed by M.R. Websites are based on the OpenCart e-commerce platform. We find that OpenCart strikes the ideal balance between functionality, visual appeal, extensibility and easy-of-management. Read more about e-commerce website development.

Website Redesign Solutions Website Redesign

Do you have a website already but know that it is outdated? If your website has not be redesign within the past few years, it may look dated and may not work consistently on newer computers or tablets. A new design might be the answer. Ask us about a website make-over. Need smaller changes made, but don't know where to turn? We can help with that too. Our website development team is ready to spring into action to help keep your site up to date, fresh and current. 

Domain Registration Domain Name Registration 

Your site should have it's own unique domain name ("address", or "URL"). We can help! M.R. Website Development Studio provides domain name registration services at an attractive rate. You benefit by having a local contact for any domain name related questions. Our clients are also pleased to be able to ignore bogus "invoices" from shady domain name registration services: they rely on us to keep their domain name registration current, knowing that all valid correspondence regarding domain name renewal will come from M.R. Website Development Studio. Annual fees are $28 for a .com address, and $38 for all other top level domains. Renewal reminders are sent by email 30 days, and 5 days prior to expiry. Notices are sent by email 3 days after a domain expires. Please view ICANN's Registrant's Benefits, and Responsibilities, and registrant education pages for additional information.

Website Hosting Solutions Website Hosting 

Websites need to be hosted on a "web server": a specially-configured computer connected at all times to the Internet. We can provide this service for your site, hosting it on our own dedicated web server at a very attractive rate.

Website CGI Programming Solutions Custom Programming 

Our programming services can take your website from dull and static to exciting and dynamic, by providing all sorts of "intelligent" features. We design custom web programs that can bring your site to life! Our programmers are skilled working with PHP, PERL, SQL, C, ASP, and Javascript. From surveys to shopping carts ... web apps to interactive web databases, we can help with all your interactive web needs.

Website Ad Design Solutions Web Ad Design 

M.R. Website Development Studio provides creative and effective web advertising design services. We have designed effective banner advertising for clients located all over North America. Most of our revenue is directly related to advertising revenue from outside of our community. If you have a need for web advertising, we are the people to see. In addition to advertising design, we can also help plan your advertising campaign, and offer insight into the effectiveness of this unique medium.

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