Web databases

Web Databases

What is a web database? A web database is a system for storing and displaying information that is accessible from the Internet / web. The database might be used for any of a wide range of functions, such as a membership database, client list, or inventory database. A web database is a type of Web Application.

Why use a web database? A web database is ideal for situations when the information should be shared, or when it must be accessed from various locations. It is especially beneficial when the system is to be shared between locations or different devices (like tablets, computers and cell phones).

Why M.R. Websites? A surprising amount of our services are centered around web database development -- we have developed many web databases. Critical to the design of a highly-useful web database are the design of the user interface, and the structure of the underlying data storage. Our team includes experts in both of those key areas.

If you have need (or an idea) for a shared web database, give us a call. We can help.

Web databases

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