Web based software development

Web-based Software and Web App Development

A web app is an cloud-based computer application that can be used from a variety of devices – practically any device: phone, tablet or computer—that has an Internet connection. They are sometimes called “cloud applications”.

Web apps are practical for many purposes, just like traditional software or phone apps, but the benefits are numerous. Need to share information among a team? Need to enter data from a variety of locations, including from mobile devices? A web app might be the answer. .  The M.R. Websites team is experienced in creating web apps that are productive and cost effective.

Q: What can a web app do?

A: Just about anything you can imagine. Web apps have been used for just about any purpose that traditional computer applications have done in the past. Examples include workflow and project management systems, timekeeping/time entry systems, document sharing, online databases, shared checklists, maintenance record systems, and many more.

Q: What are the benefits of using a web app instead of traditional software?

A: Benefits of web applications include:

  • Sharing of information and opportunities for collaboration
  • Access to information from practically anywhere that Internet is available
  • Solid security, based on industry standards
  • Low cost deployment, since the user interface makes use of standard web browser software
  • Quick development, since the computer code used is often simpler than that used in desktop systems
  • Speedy distribution – well, really instantaneous distribution of updates and software.

Web based software development

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