Mobile Website, and Application Solutions

Mobile Website and App Development

Do you want a mobile website? Maybe not.

To be blunt, most mobile websites are anachronistic. Responsive Web Design has replaced most needs for special mobile websites. Responsive Web Design allows websites to be developed that display appropriately on all devices. For more information visit our page about Responsive Web Design.

Perhaps what you are looking for is a web app. A web app is an app that can be used from a variety of devices – practically any device: phone, tablet or computer — that has an Internet connection. Web apps are practical for many purposes, just like traditional software or phone apps, but the benefits are numerous. Need to share information among a team? Need to enter data from a variety of locations, including from mobile devices? A web app might be the answer.  The M.R. Websites team is experienced with creating web apps that are productive and cost effective. We invite you to read more about Web App Development.

Mobile Website, and Application Solutions

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