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M.R. Website Development studio are experts in responsive web design.

You might well ask, “What is Responsive Web Design and why do I need it?” Please read on …

It is increasingly common for websites to be viewed on cell phones and tablets.

As you know, many websites are difficult to use on anything but computer screens. Just a few years ago, it was common for websites to be designed to be displayed at a single size: a fairly modest computer screen width.

Today, the web environment has changed. Websites are now viewed on a huge number of different devices, including wide computer screens, cell phones, tablets and netbook computers. Unfortunately, websites designed for display on a computer screen usually look bad – and might not work at all – when displayed on cell phones or tablets.

For a few years, it was common for website owners to operate two different websites: one for display on computer screens, and one for display on cell phones. Unfortunately, that made for a poor user experience and for increased costs to the website operator. Fortunately, M.R. Websites has a solution to both problems.

Responsive Web Design to the rescue!

Responsive Web Design technology allows a single website to be displayed on devices of all sizes and types – from computer through tablet to cell phone. Responsive Design uses technologies such as CSS with ‘media selectors’ and other web technologies to display a different – appropriate – view to each web browser size. A responsive design can scale text and images, and can rearrange the page layout to adapt to the capabilities and size of different devices.

This very website is a Responsive Design site. We invite you to check it out on different devices, like your cell phone, tablet and computer. 

Responsive Website Solutions

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