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To be of value, your website must be found by potential and existing clients. There are many ways to drive visitors to your website, including traditional advertising and stationery. However, the best value in website promotion is usually through search engines like Google.

M.R. Websites has extensive experience and success with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We can help your website get found.

How do we do it?

Contrary to what you might hear, there are no mysterious techniques or tricks to Search Engine Optimization, and no secret methods. Good search engine marketing comes from consistent and disciplined application of a set of honest and logical practices. Those practices include appropriate and semantic web page structure, consistent and focused use of key conceptual terms, and understanding of certain web page features in which search engines (like Google) look for important search terms.

That consistent and reasoned approach to Search Engine Positioning is successful, and it stands the test of time. Search engines –and especially Google—frequently change the logic by which they determine the order in which web pages will appear in search results. This has lead to dramatic – sometimes catastrophic penalties—for websites that try to ‘game’ the system. However, the disciplined approach described above always weathers changes in Search Engine logic. Don’t let someone persuade you to try ‘trick’ the Search Engines. It won’t likely work at all, and it might actually harm your search results.

The M.R. Website approach to Search Engine Optimization is proven to be effective and robust.

Website Search Engine Optimization

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